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June 13, 2016
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Finding Katherine’ My new book


At the age of fifty-one Katherine Hunter has run away from home, leaving behind a troubled marriage and financial woes. Events conspire and Katherine finds herself at The Bliss Retreat on the island of Lanzarote. There she meets an array of colourful characters and a handsome artist who makes her question everything she holds dear.
Check in to The Bliss Retreat and join Katherine on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to design the life of your dreams.
Buy your copy today for just €13.99 plus P&P To enhance your reading experience you might also like to purchase the Finding Katherine Workbook so you can particpate in all the exercises Katherine encounters in the novel.
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6 reviews for Finding Katherine’ My new book

  1. techsupport

    “I’ve never read a book quite as quickly. James has wound some fantastic content and tools into an engaging character and story which is quite an achievement.”
    – C. Irwin

  2. techsupport

    “James’ books are so easy to read, but they pack a punch. The imagery in Finding Katherine is just beautiful, plus it’s full of insights and ‘aha moments.”
    – F. Brown

  3. techsupport

    “I absolutely loved Finding Katherine – for the experience of the retreat, the flavour of Lanzarote and the colourful cast of characters who fairly dance off the page. So beautifully written and thought-provoking.”
    – S. Abel

  4. techsupport

    “What an inspiring read! I was underlining all the way as there are so many great comments, questions and exercises. I was torn between reading and wanting to do the exercises for myself.”
    – M.Byrne

  5. techsupport

    “A great read at any time of the year, but as a summer read, you can’t beat it. If you liked Eat Pray Love, or Under the Tuscan Sun, any book that transports you and stirs a sense of possibility then look no further.”
    – R. Martin

  6. techsupport

    “At 360 plus pages, this is a meaty, yet fast-paced book. My only complaint was that I didn’t wanted it to end, I didn’t want to leave the world of The Bliss Retreat. I was totally captivated. Katherine’s story spoke to me on so many levels.”
    – M. Ryan

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