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Helping people to realise their dreams and potential, to live happier, more fulfilled lives has long been a passion of mine. Whether it’s 1-2-1 coaching, group workshops or conference talks, my intention is to provide inspiration and support to facilitate positive change and growth.
The insights, tools and programs that I’ve developed over the years will help you connect with your inner wisdom so you can continue your journey towards the fullest expression of yourself.

How did you end up doing what you’re doing?

I’m asked this question at least once a week and I’m always happy to answer it....Here’s my story

How did you end up doing what you’re doing?

I’m asked this question at least once a week and I’m always happy to answer it.

As the late Steve Jobs said in his famous Stanford Address ‘you can only join the dots looking backwards,’ the ‘dots’ being the clues as to your calling or purpose in life. Looking back I can now see the clues, the signposts all pointing in the direction of Coaching, Training, Motivational Speaking and Writing, but I didn’t recognise them at the time. Today, what I do is an extension of who I am and everyday I’m grateful that I’ve been able to align my passions with my profession....Read my story

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Your Time with James Sweetman

Join me and my guests every Wednesday for an injection of positivity and inspiration.

I share insights and practical strategies on a range of personal development and well-being topics.

Producing the weekly episodes is a real labour of love for me. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. ‘Your Time with James Sweetman’ is available on all main platforms (live on iTunes for Apple users and Podbean, Spotify and Stitcher for Android users).

October 27, 2021

Episode 127 Why I’m pressing pause

This week I’m sharing how after a few weeks of contemplation, I’m pressing pause on several aspects of my business including my weekly podcast. I’ve had to put my hand up and concede that I need a rest. In this very personal episode, my final one before I take what I’m calling a practical sabbatical,  » Read more about: Episode 127 Why I’m pressing pause  »
October 13, 2021

Episode 126 What are you investing in?

What are you investing in? We don’t just invest money, we invest our time and energy too. This week I look at 6 different aspects of life including physical and mental health, relationships, career, and future security, and ask how am I investing my time, energy, and recourses. I focus on the idea of investing in our dreams and look at the challenges we have to navigate,  » Read more about: Episode 126 What are you investing in?  »


  • Thank you for all your advice James, the different techniques definitely helped me big time in the interview, finally got word that I got the job and start next week. Delighted.
    M. McLoughlin
  • The feedback was that I did a great interview and a very good role play. I actually enjoy it! I learned a lot about myself during the Interview Skills Coaching session, stuff I’ll put to good use in many aspects of my life.
    C. Ahearn
  • I got the job! Thank you James. The interview skills coaching session was extremely helpful. The feedback was that I came across like a leader and presented myself in the correct manner and that was thanks to James.
    B. Ennis
  • Since completing my series of Executive Coaching sessions with James, I am more efficient and effective at work. I am achieving more whilst at the same time being less stressed about it. I am now able to work through tasks and challenges that would have troubled me in the past, with a greater sense of ease.
    European Claims Manager, Captive Insurance Company, Dublin
  • This is the most appropriate and accurate personal development that I have ever experienced and it will stay with me.
    Sales Executive, Aon Consulting, Dublin
  • Working with James was like working with my better, rigorous conscience. It was his ability to think clearly, and address issues in a step-by-step approach that allowed the impasses in my business life to disappear. I made progress by dint of this tenacity, leaving each of our sessions feeling good about the prospect of achieving realistic goals. In summary, it was a great personal and professional exercise which has been rewarding and worthwhile.
    Founder & Managing Director, Marketing Company, Dublin
  • I enjoyed the training day greatly and it clarified several key things with me and prompted contemplation in helpful directions. The course was well paced with ample involvement from our side. Everything was explained very well, with the right tone for the audience I thought. The fact that James was using very concrete, powerfully simple concepts, some of which could have been misrepresented by a lesser speaker, and delivered them in an accessible and down to earth manner, allowed the continual insights to prompt thought and consideration. Not a small achievement or ability in my book! All in all a very enjoyable, worthwhile and thought provoking day.
    Alistair McBride. Director. Cultural Capital
  • I found the 3 day Train The Trainer course excellent in all aspects. James has changed the way I look at training. He passed on so many tools and tips to us that will really help. The course was such a pleasure to attend.
    L. Brown, Aer Lingus
  • This (Train the Trainer) programme was one of the best courses I’ve attended in the last few years. Course content was excellent and much learning was achieved. James Sweetman was extremely professional and delivered the course in a very enjoyable and participative way. I learned alot which I will use going forward..
    Pat Hall – Dublin Airport Authority
  • James Sweetman delivered a number of workshops at the National College of Ireland. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 'Increase awareness and focus', 'enhanced motivation' and a 'willingness to take action' were some of the comments shared by attendees. James' style of delivery encourages participation and creates a cohesive and relaxed environment in which to learn. The experience was best described by one student as 'thought provoking, powerful and memorable'.
    Stephen Kennedy, Student Services Officer, National College of Ireland
  • Having found myself in need of clarity about my career, I picked up the phone and arranged a session with James. He provided me with some great practical knowledge to take forward with me. I have since got real clarity on my career and personal direction. To anyone in need of some practical help, James' coaching sessions are a true help and you will benefit anyone both personally and professionally.
    K. O’Byrne (Dublin)
  • After only three sessions, I began to develop a deeper belief in my own inner ability to achieve my ambitions. The sessions provided me with clear objectives. Analysing my strengths and weaknesses, realising what was stopping me from achieving more, I developed strategies to turn these apparent weaknesses into signals for me to believe in myself even more. Establishing clear goals and writing down my goals, helped focus my mind on realistic targets for the future. The energy I wasted on worrying is now spent on 'doing'. The techniques used to develop my confidence, were not only beneficial, but also great fun.
    David Creevy, Classical Guitarist
  • The course was nothing short of fantastic. I am confident that as a result of this Presentation Skills course I will now actually enjoy giving my regular presentations. James was fantastic. He was approachable, accommodating, informed and informative. I’ll be recommending this course to colleagues. Very beneficial.
    U. Treacy. Commercial Manager. Cuisine de France (Belfast)
  • I thought that the course (Influencing & Negotiation Skills) was fab. James is a really effective trainer. I tend to go to a lot of seminars, talks... ...training so I interact with trainers all the time but James' whole style and method was just in a league of its own.
    Nina Lyons, RiseCreatives
  • The Professional Effectiveness course was one of the best days I have ever spent on a course. It was helpful from a work point of view and it was also a wake up call as regards self-awareness and self-improvement.
    E. Preston, KPMG
  • The workshop was very educational and enjoyable. It will definitely help me in my day to day dealings with people. James made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in the door and this continued throughout the day.
    H. Mullen, Kantar Media
  • My coaching session with James allowed me to clear my mind for the first time in years. That sense of calm allowed me to clearly identify the truly important things to me and let go of unimportant things negatively affecting my life. It then provided me with practical resources to retain that sense of calm and clarity. It enabled me to start understanding and making the changes I want to improve my life. It wasn’t easy, but like most things that require hard work and commitment, was very much worthwhile.
    D. Dolan
  • The Train the Trainer course presented by James was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. James’s delivery was very comprehensive and covered all the subject areas expected and more. The course was well structured and enjoyable. I would happily recommend James as a trainer and coach and I’d be very happy to attend one of his courses in the future.
    M. Gee, Aer Lingus
  • After you reach a certain age, people (including me) tend to think that they’ve seen it all, done it all…”nothing can surprise me”- Man was I wrong! What James presented to us was nothing but AMAZING! The strategies covered (in the Leadership workshop) were exactly what I needed- ways to stop negative thinking and how to boost the way I view myself and my confidence.
    A. Williams Microsoft (Norway)
  • What a fabulous coaching session; healing, restorative, enlightening, freeing and many more delightful words. James’ attuned sense of what I was willing to let go of, as well as what was most appropriate to my needs was spot on.
    F. Bhrian, Dublin
  • The time that I spend with James was very helpful. It has made me more structured in my approach to work. This has enabled me to be more relaxed, confident and enjoy work. I feel now I am much more of an asset to the company and contribute to the growth of the companies sales.I am now in a position to make more money which is why I am in sales.
    R. McConnell, Sales Consultant, Friends First
  • The Interview Skills Coaching session gave me an amazing gift, the permission to just be myself. It was really powerful. Without all the clutter of insecurity and panic in my head, I could see everything really clearly.
    L. Parsons
  • I found James’ Interview Skills Book and coaching invaluable, easy to apply and follow in the interview. And I was offered the job.
    P. Halpin
  • Working with James is not work – its enlightment of self, throwing back the veil of who we are and releasing the inner human in a way I never would have thought possible. His insight, guidance and pure enthusiasm lifted me to a whole new and exciting personal place. Can we be better than what we are? Always! Can we see how to become better? Not necessarily. To me, this is the key James very ably illuminates – he encourages you to tell yourself things you already knew – but had perhaps chosen to ignore or bury inside. Post working with James, it is now clearer how I can better contribute, both professionally and in the broader community. Pure awesomeness!”
    K. McDonnell (Dublin)
  • James Sweetman has had, and continues to have, a significant and very positive influence on colleagues, our culture and indeed our ways of working. James has a unique ability to see through the noise of any issue, decipher the underlying reasons and respond accordingly.
    MD, Lloyd's Pharmacy, Goretti Brady
    MD, Lloyd's Pharmacy,
  • Positive, inciteful and motivational, with a natural presentation style - James’s workshops are one of the highlights of our professional programme.
    Peter Johnson Director of Jobnet
  • I love working with James. Always well-prepared for the individual, group or audience, he is focused and wholly present. He is generous and kind. Simply put: James is a professional and a gentleman. His recent talks on ‘Professional and Personal Effectiveness’ and ‘Making a Positive Impact in the working environment’ were incredibly valuable to the students, adding to their self-confidence and sense of excitement about their first day of work in a new, international setting.
    T. Gilien Director, Programmes & Work Experience Abroad,Boston College
  • James is much more than a coach or trainer. He’s your personal guide to unleash the power of self-awareness while driving you through the most unexplored place of your life: yourself. James will help you to nurture a sense of gratitude for your life, accept what you cannot change, create new horizons and see your life from different angles. A “killer application”, “a must have app” for your life and your business.
    D. Recalcati, Area IT Manager Microsoft
  • James’s seminar (Personal Branding & Leadership) was simply one of the best I’ve been to in a number of years. I came away with a real sense of having new skills and outlook on how effective my communication skills are. James has a unique talent in that his presentation skills are truly engaging. He has an ability to take topics that are pretty complex and bring them to life for the real world. If you get an opportunity to work with James or attend one of his conferences, sign up fast!
    Tim Ryan Marketing Controller Glanbia
  • Our company has used the services of James Sweetman for several years now, from one-to-one coaching to group sessions; everything from personal development to confidence and presentation skills. James is as diverse as we need him to be without ever deviating from his core beliefs and teaching. In all instances James has understood the needs of the group or individuals and works with us to get the best from them. He has won over all sorts of individuals within our company with his unique style and methods and we regularly get requests from staff to have more sessions with James.
    E. O’Doherty Managing Director Mindshare

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