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10 Lists worth compiling

10 lists worth compiling

Most of us go through the week ticking items from a ‘to do’ list. But we are human beings, not human doings. As we go through life we live many experiences and encounter many people who shape us as people. So, by way of taking stock, staying grateful for everything we have, or simply to have a stroll down memory lane, here are 10 lists that are worth compiling.

1. 10 people who most influenced me in my life

With an open mind and a sense of curiosity we can learn something from everyone we meet. It is through others that we often learn the big life lessons. Sometimes we may not realise other people’s influence at the time. Quite often we forget or do not get a chance to thank them. This first list is an opportunity to acknowledge those people who have impacted your life and what they taught you directly or indirectly.

With an open mind and a sense of curiosity we can learn something from everyone we meet. Click To Tweet

2. 10 most memorable places I visited

It doesn’t matter whether it is your neighbour’s house, the top of a mountain, or an ancient site, just list the 10 places that have been most memorable to you.

3. 3 best things I ever made

To be human is to be creative. It doesn’t matter whether it’s simply a shelf you made, a flower garden you planted, or even a meal you cooked, acknowledge your creativity.

4. The 5 best days of my life (so far!)

Some days may clearly stand out, for example, a wedding day, or the birth of a child. Give yourself the time to reflect upon 5 days that really meant something for you.

5. The 10 best friends I ever had

Some of your friends may still be with you; others may no longer be in your life. This is an opportunity to recall those friends and to say what their friendship has meant to you.

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6. 5 best journeys I ever made

It’s often said that it is better to travel than to arrive. This is a chance to recall those journeys that made an impression upon you. Maybe they were adventurous, or maybe because of the people you travelled with or the things you saw along the way. And if we want to go deep, some journeys may not have involved any travel!

7. 10 things that gave me the most pleasure

We all have things and ‘stuff’ in our lives. Whilst most of our houses could do with a good clean out, we all have many prized possessions. Some items we love because they are associated with an event or a person, some may simply be beautiful to look at, others may be precious because of how they came into our lives. Here’s a chance to identify the best things you ever had and to say why.

8. 10 best books/movies/TV series in my lifetime

You might struggle to list just 10 with this one. You can pick and mix any of the art forms if you wish. This is an opportunity to acknowledge how the arts, literature and the world of entertainment has enriched your life.

9. The 5 best gifts I have received

This may link to number 7 but here we are looking at things that were given to you. There are two aspects to a gift; the gift itself and the person giving the gift (and maybe even the timing of the gift.) Try to recall not only the gift but also who gave it to you and why it was one of the best for you.

10. 10 Things I wish I had done or attempted but didn’t

This may seem a strange one to end with but the idea is not to look at regrets or lost opportunities, it can be a chance to rekindle a dream. You never know, something from this list might find it’s way on to your weekly ‘to do’ list.

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