Face the audience. 15 ways to be a better presenter
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January 24, 2019
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15 ways to be a better presenter

15 ways to be a better presenter

The terror of speaking in public, or the enhanced self-consciousness of delivering a presentation at work, is ultimately the fear we have of being judged negatively by others.

In reality, the vast majority of audiences are supportive and they are usually not that interested in how you are feeling. Here are 15 ways to be a better presenter that will enable you to enhance your presentation skills, but only if you are brave enough to push your comfort zone and try them out.


15 ways to be a better presenter


Result. 15 ways to be a better presenter

1 Know your result

What do you want to achieve by the end of the presentation? What will your evidence of success be?

A presentation is only ever a means to an end, what is that end? For example, obtain ‘buy-in,’ secure a sale or get an agreement to meet again.



Grab attention. 15 ways to be a better presenter

2 Summarise the key theme in one sentence

People have short attention spans – think Twitter, can you summarise the purpose of your presentation in two sentences. Think of it as determining the headline of a newspaper article.





Personalise your presentation. 15 ways to be a better presenter

3 Personalise your presentation

Presentations are bland when the presenter doesn’t inject themselves into it. You personalise your presentation by sharing your opinions, your experiences and allowing your personality to shine through.






What doe audience want? 15 ways to be a better presenter

4 What does the audience want?

Audiences are only concerned with ‘what’s in this for me?’ As a presenter, you have to link what you are saying with how it is of benefit to the audience.






Keep it simple. o you fear speaking in public or delivering a presentation at work.

5 Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; keep your slides simple, minimal words, beautiful images.
One slide for every three minutes you are speaking is a good timing guide and no more than 5or 6 bullet points per slide.

If possible bring each bullet point up separately, so the audience is not reading ahead. Use colour and graphics to keep things interesting.




6 Face the audience

Reading from your slides is the death knell of presentations.

Odds are everyone in the room can read, so as the presenter your job is to add value above and beyond what the audience can read for themselves. You also want to stay connected with the audience and that means looking at them, not at the screen.





What's you message? 15 ways to be a better presenter

7 What is your core message

An audience is unlikely to remember more than 3 or 4 key points so you want to be clear as to what you want these salient points to be.






Audience. 15 ways to be a better presenter

8 Know that the audience wants you to succeed

All audiences want presenters to be interesting, informative and enthusiastic. They want you to be comfortable at the top of the room.

An audience will forgive you for being nervous (it shows you care) but they won’t forgive you for being boring.





Stay audience focussed. 15 ways to be a better presenter

9 Stay audience focused

Know you can only receive signals from audiences if your ‘antennae’ is set to receive them. Ask yourself frequently – are they still with me?

Is the audience engaged? What’s their body language communicating?





Conversation. 15 ways to be a better presenter

10 See your presentation as a conversation

Try to talk with, not at your audience.

Buzzwords, clichés, jargon and emotionless business speak will make the audience switch off. Use simple language, share your own experiences, speak from the heart as well as the head.





Prepare. 15 ways to be a better presenter

11 Know your presentation

Make sure you are familiar with the content of your presentation. This is a threshold competency, but if an audience feels you have not done basic preparation they will not view you as credible.

Lack of this basic preparation can also be viewed as disrespectful to the audience.





Know your close. 15 ways to be a better presenter

12 Know your opening & close

Often we will get into the flow of the presentation after a minute or two. The purpose of knowing your opening is to bridge into this flow sooner.

Know your close too. Whether it is a summary of what was covered or a request for input.





Use stories. 15 ways to be a better presenter

13 Stories

Examples, references and stories bring a presentation to life. Anecdotes and examples pull the audience in. People relate to stories about people and their experiences.

Stories create meaning. Data is necessary, but audiences crave the meaning attached to them, to make sense of them. Stories show audiences how to organise the facts.





Leave your audience feeling positive. 15 ways to be a better presenter

14 Audiences remember how you make them feel

Don’t stress out about forgetting what you are going to say, because studies show that people forget about 90% of what was said in a presentation.

What audiences take away is how you made them feel and the actions they will take.




Learn as you go. 15 ways to be a better presenter

15 Learn as you go

The more you speak in public and deliver presentations the more confident you will become in your own abilities. Embed your learning by asking yourself ‘what did I do well during the presentation?’ ‘what did I learn from it?’ ‘next time what would I do differently?’

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