November 19, 2020

Self-Care 2.0 – the 2020 upgrade

In my recent blog ‘Self-Care – 5 ways to take better care of you,’ I shared five self-care strategies to help you reduce stress and manage your well-being. In this follow up article, I explore five more. As we continue to navigate a path through the upheaval and uncertainties of […]
November 9, 2020
What makes a good manager

What makes a good manager

Managers, especially middle managers have had it tough in recent years. They are the butt of the adage, ‘people join companies but they leave managers.’ In seeking to flatten the organisational hierarchy, and reduce costs, many companies have sought to remove the middle management layer. Those that remain feel pressure […]
November 2, 2020

Self-Care – 5 Ways to take better care of you

As degrees of lockdown appears to be the norm for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever that we invest in our well-being and self-care. Personally, I’m calling my 2020 upgrade – Self-Care 2.0. Over the years I’ve discovered practices that work for me. I constantly seek to tweak […]
October 20, 2020
What’s truly important

What’s truly important

What’s truly important This article has been inspired by my Dad who passed away on September 29th following a long and courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Truth be known, the last few months have challenged me as I’ve never been challenged before. I grappled with feelings of powerlessness, grief and […]
September 11, 2020
Reaching for Better. New you

Reaching for Better

At the end of my recent article ‘Keep Calm and Carry On,’ I said that whilst we might crave to get back to normal, back to life pre-Covid, that we have the opportunity to reach for something better. We can start by focusing on how we can be a ‘better’ […]
September 4, 2020
promote what you do

Don’t be scared to promote what you do

Promote what you do In the dictionary, the word ability precedes the word visibility, but in business, visibility comes first. It doesn’t matter how skilled or able you are, unless people know who you are, where you are and what you do, you will never have the opportunity to shine. […]
August 26, 2020
Write a book

I’d love to write a book

As the author of 5 books, (it still feels strange saying that) I’m often asked – ‘how do you go about writing a book?’ or ‘I’d love to write a book, but I don’t know where to start.’ If you are someone who has always felt that you have a […]
August 21, 2020
Keep calm and carry on

Keep Calm and Carry On

The phrase, ‘keep calm and carry on’ first appeared on a British Government poster at the outset of World War Two. In these challenging times, it’s a phrase I’m using myself, a mantra to manage my well-being and to control what’s within my control. If we are not vigilant, it’s […]
August 11, 2020
Resigned. Make a fresh start

What I wish I’d known when I resigned from my job

Twenty years ago this month, I resigned from my secure, salaried role as a Customer Services Manager in a large multinational and stepped into the unknown. On my podcast, Your Time With James Sweetman throughout the month of August, I’ve been revisiting this scary, yet exhilarating time in my life. […]
July 27, 2020
easier on yourself

How to be easier on yourself

Most of us are so tough on ourselves, we are our own harshest critics, our own worst enemies. We all know we should be more self-compassionate, but what does that look like in reality and how can you be easier on yourself? For me, it starts by giving ourselves the […]
July 24, 2020

What I’ll miss about the Olympics

Like so many people I’ve missed watching sport this summer. If 2020 had been a ‘normal’ year, like millions of others I’d now be glued to the Tokyo Olympics. I’ve always been a big fan of Olympics and Paralympics, inspirational athletes at the top of their game and the excitement […]
July 21, 2020
Messy change

Coping with messy change

Change is a reality in our lives like never before. Managing uncertainty and the feelings of nervousness and anxiousness that go with these seismic changes is a skill we are all being forced to learn. In addition, our old ways of coping with messy change may no longer be sufficient. […]