February 25, 2021
Staying positive

Staying Positive in 2021

If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that we have to pay attention to all aspects of our well-being, mind, body and spirit. When dealing with change and challenge we have to focus on what is within our control. It’s easy to drift towards pessimism, negativity and cynicism as a way to shield ourselves from our underlining fears.  » Read more about: Staying Positive in 2021  »
February 24, 2021
Strategic Thinking

Become a Better Strategic Thinker

During these times of change and challenge many of us have been forced to step back and reassess our businesses, our career and indeed life in general. When we are pushed outside our comfort zone, we often have no choice but to instigate change. This brings us into the territory of strategic thinking,  » Read more about: Become a Better Strategic Thinker  »
February 18, 2021
Learn to say no

8 Ways to Say No

Saying no and not feeling guilty about it is a skill most of us would like to enhance. The ability to say no is one of the ways we demonstrate assertiveness. It’s how we balance our commitments to others with a commitment to ourselves, our priorities and well-being. Of course, saying no guilt-free is never about being rude or unhelpful,  » Read more about: 8 Ways to Say No  »
February 4, 2021
Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go?

We’ve all have times when we feel ‘stuck in a rut.’ But we also know there’s a difference between a lack of motivation or feeling a little ‘blah,’ and knowing in your soul that you’ve spent too long in a job that’s no longer right for you. In weighing up the question ‘should I stay or should I go’ it’s useful to be aware of the range of motivations underpinning the desire for change.  » Read more about: Should I stay or should I go?  »
February 2, 2021
Saying No Guilt Free

Saying No Guilt Free – Part 1

Most of us struggle to ‘Say No.’ It’s not that we don’t want to turn down some invitations or extra demands on our time, it’s because deep down, we don’t feel we can. We have a cocktail of fears and limiting beliefs preventing the word ‘no’ escaping our lips. We seek to avoid conflict or damaging a relationship.  » Read more about: Saying No Guilt Free – Part 1  »
January 22, 2021
Know your worth.

Knowing your worth

Most of us have unconscious beliefs about money. They raise their head when we are quoting a fee for our services, or negotiating a salary at an interview or performance review. At the root of these concerns about knowing our worth is our perception of our worthiness. If you struggle to believe in the value of what you do,  » Read more about: Knowing your worth  »
January 8, 2021
Make working from home work for you

Make working from home work for you

Articles offering tips for working from home tend to cover the same points. Get dressed, have a dedicated workspace, a time to start work, set boundaries between work and personal life and have a clear ‘to do’ list for the day ahead. These all make sense. As someone who has worked from home for nearly 20 years,  » Read more about: Make working from home work for you  »
January 7, 2021
Resolve, not resolutions

Resolve, not resolutions

Usually, at the start of January, the focus is on a fresh start, a ‘new you’ for the New Year. But as we continue to endure the Covid 19 crisis and another lockdown, for me, it’s a time for resolve, not resolutions. Once again we have to look within and dig deep.  » Read more about: Resolve, not resolutions  »
December 11, 2020
2020 has taught me

20 Things 2020 has taught me

On the cusp of the New Year and the possibility of a psychological fresh start, I’m asking – what do I know now that I didn’t know 12 months ago? In a year of many dark clouds, what have been some silver linings? Here are 20 things 2020 has taught me,  » Read more about: 20 Things 2020 has taught me  »
December 3, 2020

Favourite Books 2020

Books are one of my great passions. There’s always a towering stack on the bedside locker, my ‘to read’ list never ends and I’m constantly seeking more shelf space. On average I read 40 books a year. For me, books are doors into other worlds and other minds and especially this year,  » Read more about: Favourite Books 2020  »
November 19, 2020

Self-Care 2.0 – the 2020 upgrade

In my recent blog ‘Self-Care – 5 ways to take better care of you,’ I shared five self-care strategies to help you reduce stress and manage your well-being. In this follow up article, I explore five more. As we continue to navigate a path through the upheaval and uncertainties of Covid 19,  » Read more about: Self-Care 2.0 – the 2020 upgrade  »
November 9, 2020
What makes a good manager

What makes a good manager

Managers, especially middle managers have had it tough in recent years. They are the butt of the adage, ‘people join companies but they leave managers.’ In seeking to flatten the organisational hierarchy, and reduce costs, many companies have sought to remove the middle management layer. Those that remain feel pressure from below,  » Read more about: What makes a good manager  »