November 9, 2021

Why I’m pressing pause

After several weeks of contemplation, I’ve made the decision to press pause in a number of areas in my life including my business. I’ve had to put my hand up and admit I need a rest. So I’m embarking on what I’m calling a practical sabbatical. Truth be told I’m simply tired.  » Read more about: Why I’m pressing pause  »
September 30, 2021

Managing Stress

A version of this article on managing stress appeared in the very first edition of my ezine. To mark the 200th edition of Next Steps, I’m sharing it again. It’s as relevant now as it was back in January 2005.   Life and work are more stressful today than ever. Technology and gadgets that were supposed to make life easier have only made it faster.  » Read more about: Managing Stress  »
September 30, 2021

Email Marketing – lessons learned

Having published an online newsletter every month for 17 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about email marketing. If you are pondering using an ezine or blog to connect with your database, let me share some lessons I’ve learned from publishing 200 editions of my ezine, Next Steps.   My main marketing tool Traditional wisdom says you get most of your business from your existing contacts and I think this is doubly true for people in my line of work.  » Read more about: Email Marketing – lessons learned  »
September 30, 2021

Next Steps 200th Edition

I find it hard to believe that the first edition of my monthly community ezine ‘Next Steps’ was published back in January 2005. Some early hardcopy editions (which can be seen in the above photo) go back to May 2004. Two hundred months later it’s still going strong. I know so many of you reading this,  » Read more about: Next Steps 200th Edition  »
August 31, 2021
Self Care on wooden blocks beside plant

Self-care is not just pampering

We might think that self-care is bubble baths, scented candles, spa days, and skincare, but self-care is not just pampering, or an excuse to shop. Self-love is accepting yourself for all that you are, and self-care is finding a way to be gentle with your precious heart in the midst of life’s messiness.  » Read more about: Self-care is not just pampering  »
August 26, 2021

Inspiration and perspiration

It was the late Wayne Dyer who said, ‘motivation is when you get hold of an idea, inspiration is when an idea gets hold of you.’ Whilst motivation compels us with a carrot or a stick, inspiration propels us into action. We’ve all had times when we feel we could do with a shot of motivation.  » Read more about: Inspiration and perspiration  »
July 26, 2021

Strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome

We’ve all experienced that sense of not being good enough. We fear the negative judgment of others and dread being ‘found out.’ In the first part of this article, I looked at the deep-seated limiting beliefs that fuel imposter syndrome. In this final part, I’m sharing tips and strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome.  » Read more about: Strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome  »
July 22, 2021
Enlightened leadership

Enlightened Leadership

In the past, leadership was about expertise and execution. An unacknowledged but frequently present third ‘E’ was ego. Today, empathy has become the third leg of the effective leadership platform. Why? Because the qualities we seek in a modern workforce, resilience, autonomy, and creativity cannot be mandated by a boss.    » Read more about: Enlightened Leadership  »
July 15, 2021
What does balance feel like to me?

What does balance feel like to me?

In the first two articles in my series on Work Life Balance (‘Redefining Work Life Balance’ & ‘Juggling Commitments’  I explored how the term work life balance has become outdated. What’s the point in having work and personal life balanced, if the quality of both is poor. In this age of hybrid working it’s really about juggling the commitments we have to others with the commitments we have to ourselves and our families.  » Read more about: What does balance feel like to me?  »
July 1, 2021
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, that sense of not being good enough and the fear of being ‘found out,’ is something we can all relate to. I believe that imposter syndrome is part of our human make-up, it’s in our DNA, we can’t remove it, but we can learn to diminish it, so it doesn’t prevent us from showing up as our best selves.  » Read more about: Imposter Syndrome  »
June 17, 2021
Juggling competing commitments

Work Life Balance – Juggling competing commitments

At the heart of work life balance is the ability to find equilibrium between the commitments we have to others with the commitments we have to ourselves. As explored in Part 1 of this article, ‘Redefining Work Life Balance’  it’s no longer really about work life balance, it’s about quality of life as we juggle competing commitments.  » Read more about: Work Life Balance – Juggling competing commitments  »
May 28, 2021
Get to know me

Get to know me

Are you on Instagram? It’s the social media platform I use to lift the curtain on my work and indeed life. With daily stories, posts, and videos you can get to know me a little more. Connect with me on Instagram @james_sweetman Over the years, in addition to joining the main social media platforms,  » Read more about: Get to know me  »