July 6, 2017

Give your New Year Resolutions a mid-year boost

The halfway point of the year can be quite sobering. We’ve passed the longest day; the schools are out and we wonder where the first seven months have gone. Those New Year Resolutions and positive intentions set back in January, are a distant memory. Traditionally, summer is when we take some ‘timeout’ to rest and recharge.  » Read more about: Give your New Year Resolutions a mid-year boost  »
July 5, 2017
Inspiring Holidays reads

Inspiring Holiday Reads

When I’m on holidays, I like nothing better than getting lost in a thick, well-written novel, usually one I’ve put aside weeks before and labelled holiday reading. Every year I also make sure I bring with me a few inspiring holiday reads, something to stimulate and resource me as I rest and recharge.  » Read more about: Inspiring Holiday Reads  »
July 4, 2017
Next Steps

Next Steps – 150th Edition

If you are pondering using an ezine or blog to connect with your database, let me share with you the lessons I’ve learned from publishing 150 editions of my monthly ezine, Next Steps. 1. You have to Add Value I suspect you are like me and ignore emails, tweets and other social media content that is just a hard sell.  » Read more about: Next Steps – 150th Edition  »
June 27, 2017
Competency based interview

How to ace a competency based interview

Most interviews today are competency-based. It’s a phrase that can be confusing. As someone who specialises in coaching people to succeed at an interview, it’s vital to know how competencies are assessed and how to set yourself up for interview success. In part one of this feature on Interview Skills, I explored common misconceptions surrounding interviews and the 5 questions you should be able to answer.  » Read more about: How to ace a competency based interview  »
June 21, 2017

How to turn your dream into your reality

We all have dreams, but how do we progress them? How do I turn my dream into my reality? These are questions we have all pondered. Of course, not all dreams are equal. In part one of this article I explored how to distinguish soul-calling dreams from pure fantasy. Now it’s time to identify actions and the challenges to overcome.  » Read more about: How to turn your dream into your reality  »
June 16, 2017
Be a better you this summer

Be a better you this summer

Like everything in nature, we are hot-wired to grow. We all crave to be a ‘better’ version of ourselves. For me, being a ‘better version of myself’ means feeling happier and more fulfilled, doing more of what I love, having a sense that I’m reaching for my potential and maybe even connecting with my purpose in life.  » Read more about: Be a better you this summer  »
June 16, 2017
Improve your presentations

Improve your presentations by avoiding these common mistakes

No one ever sets out to deliver a poor presentation, but in the words of Maya Angelou ‘when you know better you do better.’ Bad presentations are all the same – too long, poorly prepared and paced, are overly reliant on slides crammed with text and are delivered in a tone that saps the energy from even the most enthusiastic audience.  » Read more about: Improve your presentations by avoiding these common mistakes  »
May 31, 2017
Is my dream possible

Dreams – Fantasy or Soul-Calling?

We all have dreams. We’ve all started sentences with ‘one day I’ll…...’ Some dreams are pure escapism where you’re lying on a beach, cocktail in hand, kissing a lottery ticket. Other dreams, the ones we often bury but that never die, are the ones that merit our attention. These dreams represent the clues,  » Read more about: Dreams – Fantasy or Soul-Calling?  »
May 18, 2017
When to say Yes, when to say No

When to say Yes, when to say No

Let me give you my take on saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘no.’
There will always be trade-offs When I work with people on time management and organisational skills, I emphasise that in these days of constant connection and never-ending ‘to do’ lists, when it comes to managing our time and energy there will always be trade-offs.  » Read more about: When to say Yes, when to say No  »
May 18, 2017
I want to worry less

I want to worry less

We all use the words worry, anxiousness and nervousness, to describe how we feel when we are operating outside our comfort zones. Experiencing these emotions is part of being human. For me, these emotions are the watered-down versions of the great disabler, namely fear. Somehow, we will accept and tolerate worry and anxiousness,  » Read more about: I want to worry less  »
May 8, 2017

See me in action

I was delighted to speak at WIN2017 (Womens Inspire Network) in Cork on April 5th. There were so many inspiring stories shared, fantastic networking and my own notebook was filled with insights and practical action points. The brainchild of the dynamic Samantha Kelly (@tweetinggoddess) and expertly MC’s by Ruth Scott, WIN2017 didn’t just provide a shot of motivation,  » Read more about: See me in action  »
April 19, 2017
James Sweetman Keynote Speaker

Boost your confidence as a presenter

Do people really fear public speaking more than death? We’ve heard that quote many times, but does it really mean that at a funeral, more people would prefer to be in the coffin than deliver the eulogy? Of course at the heart of the fear of public speaking is really the fear of rejection and perceived lack of worthiness.  » Read more about: Boost your confidence as a presenter  »