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In conversation with author Amanda McHugh

Amanda McHugh

Amanda, I savoured reading Memoir of a Psychic, not only because you are a good friend, but also because it is a fascinating read. Tell me about your journey to writing this book, which I have to say I felt go straight to my heart because I know it came from your heart.

Thank you so much James. This particular book started about 8 years ago. I wanted this memoir to be an introduction to what my life is like as a psychic medium, as well as to help people see what’s possible, so that their own psychic intuition might blossom also. I truly believe that we are all intuitive, but we are never taught this or how to use it, in fact many sensitive people, such as myself, were persecuted in the past, so we shut it down or hide it to be safe. But I sense things are changing and my book is part of this awakening.

Memoir of a psychic

You live in Byron Bay in New South Wales, which sounds a wonderful place. What’s it like, do you find it inspiring living there?

It is such a beautiful spot. I think the fact that there is so much nature around us is what I find inspiring. I’ll often go for a walk on the main beach in Byron Bay. A large portion of my memoir was written and edited in the many wonderful cafes in and around Bryon Bay.

Do you find that there are themes that come up again and again in your work?

Yes I do. Some of the main ones would be that being psychic and connecting with spirit is completely natural, normal and available to us all. We can enhance this connection through daydreaming, meditation, relaxation, having fun in our life, adopting a positive and grateful attitude and looking after ourselves, our bodies and our minds. I would also say that love is a big theme too. Love for self, family, others, and for spirit. Love is what ties us all together and what motivates us, inspires us and keeps us going. Love underpins everything.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love writing with a goal of helping people feel wonderful about themselves and to thrive. I love talking to people about being psychic and how it can help us here. I love it when someone comes to me for a reading and I can tell them their loved one who has died is sitting next to them and loves them so much. So I suppose what I love most is helping people and seeing them shine from the inside out. I love reminding them they are a spirit having a human experience, you can see a light go on in people’s eyes, like they’ve had an awakening, it’s pure bliss to see this light shine!

What are the challenges?

The challenges are making sure I look after myself. I have to balance writing and doing readings with exercise and a good diet. I found sometimes I sit too much when I’m writing and I have to get into the rhythm of getting regular exercise.
The other challenge is about interpreting the information I receive. It’s important to try to tell people what you see and hear and perceive without judging it or putting my own views on it. There is always the challenge of accepting the reading the way it is and not being upset with myself if I don’t nail it perfectly! I’m human as well as spiritual!

I think we are blessed in that what we do is an extension of who we are. I know many people out there would love to be earning their living by doing the work they love to do or by following their passion, from your experience what advice would you pass on to them?

I would say “Just do it.”
Do your homework, read, write, practice, get advice, get support, and listen to others who know or are experts in the field you want to be in. But mainly just do it, and do it often and daily if you can. Writing and finishing my book has taken my work and my readings to another level. I am still the same person and the same reader, but I do feel more confident and I think it engenders more trust in my work and my credentials.
Writing this book and publishing was the best thing I ever did and it’s been a dream since I was young. If you have a dream, only you can make it happen and I say put all your heart and mind into it and do it. Please do it. It doesn’t just help you, it helps the world.

Writing on a keyboard

What’s next for Amanda McHugh? What are your ambitions? Do I dare ask if there is another book in the pipeline?

Oh James, I am writing three other non-fiction books at present! Plus I have so many other fiction works that I make notes on! I love writing and I love idea generation. I haven’t been as focused since finishing ‘Memoir of a Psychic’, I suppose I’ve let myself just be a bit more free and open with my writing time.
I hope to make a real difference to people’s lives and enhance their love for themselves, others and our spirit family who are always on the side-lines helping us here.

I know the effort that goes into writing and producing a book. So many people have the sense that they have a book in them. Any tips or insights you would give to aspiring writers?

Write and write and don’t give up! Research other writers you admire. When I started writing I was writing very spiritually and I often spoke like Yoda! My sentences lacked structure, but a good editor really helped.

Amanda, here are some questions quick fire questions I think you will find interesting to contemplate.

Amanda McHugh

Amanda McHugh – author of Memoir of a Psychic

What’s your most cherished possession?
My old but much loved mac laptop! Can I say two things? Also my awesome iPhone! It’s like a little mini-computer I can take with me everywhere, I love it. Oh sorry three things, My book!

What are you currently reading (or learning)?
I’m reading a few books at the moment. One is on psychic development, another is about being a medical intuitive and another is about a zombie apocalypse! I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for dystopian future series, science fiction and supernatural/paranormal fiction!

What’s your idea of happiness?
Having fun with my family, watching a really good enthralling movie, eating wonderful/healthy/tasty food, riding bikes or going for a walk on the beach and patting our three cats and taking photos of them in adorably cute positions. Oh and of course getting massages! I love massages, in my heaven, I’ll be getting daily massages!

Who or what inspires you?
Dean Koontz because he writes thrillers but God and spirit always intervenes and wins in the end. And the wonderful Doreen Virtue whose beautiful angel books and cards have given so much solace and healing to many including myself. The amazing Louise Hay and her beautiful, positive words. So many others in the healing field. Destiny Rescue and other similar organisations saving the most vulnerable in this world.
In short, people who help people are so inspiring. Hard working people who support their families. I think of my own parents and my own husband who work long hours to provide for their children and partners. Creative people like Mick my singer-songwriter/musician husband because he does what he loves whilst supporting his family.

What character trait do you most admire?
Perseverance. Resilience. To keep going, no matter what.

What does the world need right now?
To embrace who we really are – spiritually, loving energetic beings connected to a spiritual world beyond the one that we can see. When we realise this and stop hurting, judging, blaming, seeing others as separate to ourselves, we can join together and love and heal.

If you could send some advice back in time to your twenty-year-old self, what wisdom would you share?
Listen to the strong, powerful spirit voice inside as she will lead you to your true love and to your beautiful children, and your authentic, loving, caring life in service to others and to love and spirit. Sometimes we don’t always see the reason why things happen, but we must trust. Be the best, purest loving, creative person Amanda and all the love in the world will be yours.

If you had a motto what would it be?
Love, love, love then love some more and have fun! Enjoy this beautiful life and help others as much as you can.

Amanda, it has been a pleasure chatting with you.

James thank you so much. You are such a shining light in my life and to so many others. It’s been my pleasure.

Amanda Wone McHugh lives with her family in the beautiful Hinterlands of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. She has always been a psychic medium. She is also a medical intuitive, Reiki Master, remote viewer, angel communicator, animal communicator, angel tarot reader and educator. Amanda is also a trained psychologist and counsellor, writer, songwriter, poet, dancer, photographer, film maker, actress, mother, wife and friend.

Email: info@amandamchughauthor.com Website: www.amandamchughauthor.com
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