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My new Podcast ‘Your Time’ with James Sweetman

My new podcast

Since I wrote this post my new podcast ‘Your Time’ with James Sweetman launched and is now live on iTunes for Apple users and Podbean and Stitcher for Android users so please do subscribe, leave a review and share with your community.

I’m thrilled to announce that later this month, my new Podcast ‘Your Time with James Sweetman’ will be launched. I have to say I’m really excited about this new venture.

Like many people I know, I’ve got into the habit of listening to podcasts when out for a walk with the dog and even when driving. Over the years people have said to me that I should consider having a podcast. So this year, one of my ‘goals’ was to launch a podcast. ‘Your Time with James Sweetman’ is the culmination of several months of planning.


My new podcast

What will my Podcast be about?

Let me tell you a little more about my intention with my podcast. I want a resource that people can tune into when they’re seeking a boost of inspiration or positivity.

My aim is for it to be a ‘time out’ for listeners, a way to invest in well-being and self-care. Like all my platforms it will be content-rich, plenty of tips and insights wrapped up in a healthy dose of common sense and maybe even some humour. As one contact said recently ‘I want to be able to have James on tap, a voice to help me focus on what’s really important in my life.’

In some ways, I’ll be learning as I go (is there any other way?) At the outset I plan that episodes will be about 20 minutes long and it’s my aim to produce one weekly.

Initially, I’ll share my thoughts, tips, insights and distinctions on a range of personal development topics, and over time expand this to include uplifting conversations with guests who have a story to tell, or useful insights to offer. I also plan to have episodes on favourite books. In short, this podcast will be a real labour of love for me and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will engage others as well.

You may be very familiar with podcasts, but if not, simply put it is like having your own radio programme. It will be hosted on iTunes and you will be able to search for ‘Your Time with James Sweetman’ via the Podcast App. In due course, there will also be a link from my website.

If you are a reader of my Next Steps newsletter, I’ll keep you posted on developments with the podcast. If you want to be notified the moment it goes live, just email me or message me via social media and I’ll be sure to let you know.

Topics that are lined up for early episodes include ‘I worry too much – help,’ ‘Coping with change,’ ‘My morning routine,’ and ‘Tips for Boosting Self-Confidence.’ Of course, if you have a topic that you’d like me to explore let me know too.

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