I want to be happy
I want to be happy
September 4, 2017
6 pivotal moments that changed my life
6 Pivotal Moments that Changed my Life
October 13, 2017

Self Confidence Masterclass

Self-Confidence Masterclass

I’m thrilled to have partnered with Tilleo an online provider of video-based ‘how to’ courses to produce a Masterclass focusing on Self-Confidence. Titled Confidence for your Best Life it’s over two hours in duration and is broken down into several modules. As one kind reviewer put it, you can digest it in bite-sized chunks or in a Netflix-type binge session.

I’m especially proud of this piece of work, not only from a content perspective as you can now get all my tips and strategies for boosting self-confidence from this one single source, but also because the production of the video took me outside my comfort zone, a place where I had to apply many of the strategies I was sharing.

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Introductory offer – Save €10

The cost of this 2 hour 20 minute Self-Confidence Masterclass is €49.95. However, there is an introductory discount of €10 so it is currently available for just €39.95. (A fraction of the cost of a 1-2-1 coaching session!)

Bonus Lesson

As a valued contact and reader of my blog when you use the promotional code “sweet” you will also get free access to a bonus lesson – The Confidence to say no!

Most of us if we are honest would like to feel more self-confident in at least some situations. This masterclass contains a whole range of tips, insights and practical strategies all focused on helping you to boost your levels of self-confidence so you can live your best life.

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Accessing the ‘Confidence for your Best Life’ masterclass couldn’t be simpler. Visit the Tilleo website, (www.tilleo.com) by following any of the links on this page, add the course to your cart and in the Shopping Cart enter the code ‘sweet’ to access the exclusive bonus lesson – The Confidence to say No!

Boost your Self Confidence

What some early downloaders have said

  • An excellent video packed full of confidence boosting strategies. James eloquently presents this comprehensive guide to boosting your confidence.  I will be returning to this video when a boost is needed as this is a “go to” guide on the essential Life Skills for everyone. I loved it and would recommend it!  U. Crilly


  • I loved James’ easy style of presenting and all the wonderful examples he gave making it simple and easy to understand. Through the course I was able to track back to where my lack of confidence originated and I could take steps to address and challenge the beliefs and habits I held. Having put in place some of the strategies James suggested I can now fully believe my goals are achievable and I can feel and see them becoming a reality. I’m very thankful to have been recommended this course, very worthwhile. T. O’Neill


  • I was surprised at the volume and quality of information and topics that were covered, I hadn’t expected the course to be so comprehensive. I loved the interactive exercises. The recap at the end of each topic was helpful, and served as a reminder of the key messages. James’s personal and honest style of presentation makes everything so real and the tips and advice on making life changes seem so doable and achievable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to live a more confident life, its full of lots of thought provoking messages and useful exercises and tips that can easily be applied to our everyday life whatever the situations are that we find ourselves in. S. O’Neill


  • Like the best Christmas stocking, this course is packed with 5 star content that I found equally educative and bang-on-insightful. I love real language and James hits that mark. With refreshing honesty and his personable manner, he takes you through practical strategies for knocking fear on the head as he reminds of how you can live a fully confident life.  Engaging and highly-watchable in either a Netflix-style-binge-session or piece by piece learning, your choice. Either way, with this invaluable resource in my toolkit, this course is all I need to step up to me. Stellar. F. Byrne

Download today for just €39.95 and remember to use the code ‘sweet’ to get the exclusive bonus lesson ‘The Confidence to say No!’ for free.