My biggest lessons of 2018
My Biggest Lessons of 2018
January 4, 2019
15 ways to be a better presenter
15 ways to be a better presenter
January 30, 2019

SOAR 2019 The Highlights

Face the audience. 15 ways to be a better presenter

On the evening of Thursday January 17th, 120 of us gathered in The Westbury Hotel, Dublin for my annual flagship workshop, SOAR 2019.

It is always a memorable night, and this year was no exception.

Get a flavour of the evening and hear what some attendees had to say in this short highlights video.

It’s during the SOAR workshop each year that I share my latest material; cutting-edge insights and distinctions when it comes to results-focus, well-being, alignment and self-motivation as well as strategies that have positively impacted my own life.

This year’s theme was Emotional Success.

The old, traditional approach to goal-setting was ‘strive until you arrive,’ today it is more to do with revelling in the process of becoming. It is not about the ‘what’ but ‘who’ you become in the process of stretching towards your goals, dreams and desires.

After all, as I shared in a quote on the night ‘what the heart wants to feel is a greater motivator than what the head or the ego wants to get done.

What the heart wants to feel is a greater motivator than what the head or the ego wants to get done.#JamesInsights Click To Tweet

I operate from a place that every person I work with, whether in a 1-2-1 coaching session, or in a workshop, it is the expert on being themselves. Therefore, all I can do is offer some questions that will hopefully serve as a key to unlock the door of a deeper wisdom.

Addressing the audience at SOAR 2019

Not sleeping! A visualisation exercise

Here’s a selection of some of the ‘powerful questions’ shared from the top of the room.

  • What’s worth celebrating and savouring in my life right now? (Without an appreciation for what is, nothing appreciates!)
  • Where have I compromised too much?
  • What do I simply need to stop doing?
  • What would stretch me in reaching for my potential this year?
  • I would love to give myself permission to……..
  • If the world was working perfectly for me in 2019 what would be happening?
  • What would be my equivalent of an Oscar win in 2019?

I also shared some of my newly discovered favourite quotes. Here’s just a few.

“When your focus is on strive until you arrive, the reward for working hard is more hard work.” Anon

“We are not chasing the goal, we are chasing the feeling we want on achieving the goals.” –James Sweetman

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

“We all run the gamut between waiting to be found and waiting to be found out.” James Sweetman

“Don’t fear failure, fear being in exactly the same position next year.” Anon

“Life is like riding a bike, you only achieve balance when you push forward.” Anon

“The hardest part about making change is not making the same choices you made the day before” Joe Dispenza

Delegates connecting at SOAR 2019

In the days following SOAR 2019, I received some lovely emails and testimonials from attendees which are always such gifts.

“Another great evening in the company of James, I wouldn’t miss it. Recharged for the year ahead now.” Paul G.

“What a fantastic evening. Loads to take away. James was superb.” Sarah M.

“I brought my whole family this year and they raved about it.” Michael M.

“Thought-provoking, engaging, especially loved the visualisation this year.” Eoin O’B.

“Soar every January is time for me.  Not the team, not the business, not the family, not the job.  Time to reflect.  Time to challenge myself.  Time to look ahead. Wouldn’t miss it.” Edel

“A brilliant evening, so many motivational events can be patronising. Not this one, I left buzzing.” Michelle.

Roll on 2020!

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(Photo credit: Marie-Clare Byard of Now Media Live)

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