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    My Latest Success Strategies

    Goal-setting and determining your criteria for life fulfilment are concepts central to my coaching work. Each January I share my latest techniques and insights in these areas.

    Traditionally goal-setting was associated with ‘striving until you arrive,’ but for me, true success comes from the savouring the process, not just the destination.

    All we want is to feel happy and fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. ‘Goals’ are simply vehicles for aligning with emotional success, that is, feeling as good as we can, as frequently as we can. This is the central theme of this workshop.

    What past attendees have said

    Such an uplifting and inspirational evening. I felt I was walking on air going down Grafton street afterwards.

    I was inspired, energised and entertained, no better way to kickstart the year.

    I loved the simplicity and realness of the goal-setting process – very effective, thought provoking and enjoyable.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening which gave me some important space for reflection.

    Such an inspiring evening, I woke up (in every sense of the word!) and now I’m on a mission to get through my many action points.

    So many Personal Development Events hash out the same stuff time after time. James’s is such a refreshing change. Loved it.

    James packed his talk with amazing insights, I really got a lot out of it. I’m feeling excited about the year ahead for the first time in ages.

    More Benefits

    In addition to participating in visioning and goal-setting exercises, as a result of attending this workshop you will –

    • Connect with your sources of inspiration.
    • Boost your self-awareness in terms of what’s really important to you.
    • Meet like-minded people in a relaxed and up-lifting environment. (Frequently mentioned by attendees as a highlight of the night.)
    • You will receive (via email) a copy of the slides, techniques and frameworks used during the workshop as well as the inspirational quotes I share.
    • All my books and products will be available on the night at special discounted rates, including my latest novel ‘Finding Katherine.’
    • You can also choose to sign up to receive ‘prompts’ throughout the year, nudges to ensure you are following up on actions you are committing to in pursuit of your goals.

    This workshop will ignite your inspiration and motivation and will help you to unlock your inner wisdom so you can continue your journey towards the fullest expression of yourself.

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