My favourite podcasts
My favourite podcasts
October 16, 2019
How to deal with Negative Thoughts
How to deal with Negative Thoughts
November 14, 2019

SOAR 2020 – Annual Evening Workshop

SOAR 2020 Tickets now available for SOAR2020

My annual flagship workshop SOAR2020 will take place on Thursday January 30th (6.30pm - 9.00pm) in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2.

What started ten years ago as a small gathering of like-minded people discussing goals for the year ahead, has become a forum of inspiration and positivity which we all need, especially in January. To celebrate the 10th edition of SOAR guests will be greeted with a glass of bubbly on arrival.

Watch the highlights of SOAR2019

Tickets for SOAR2020 cost €65 (plus booking fee) which includes refreshments and finger food. Last year’s event sold out, so be sure to secure your ticket.

What past attendees have said

“I brought the whole family. We found it very uplifting and useful all set in the most perfect of environments and time of the year! James’s authenticity and sense of fun made it all the more real and enjoyable.” 

“Wow – what a night, it was absolutely brilliant.”

“The best “goal-setting” talk/event I have ever attended.”

“From the moment I arrived I knew that I was in the right place at the right time.”

"Such an uplifting and inspirational evening. I felt I was walking on air going down Grafton St. afterward."

"I was inspired, energised and entertained - no better way to start the year."

“James is so inspirational and a breath of fresh air. I love his no-nonsense approach.”

"I loved the simplicity and realness of the goal-setting process. Very effective, thought-provoking and enjoyable."

"A great opportunity for some much-needed self-reflection."

"Such an inspiring evening. I woke up (in every sense of the word) and now I'm on a mission to get through my many action points."

"So many personal development events hash out the same stuff time after time. James's is such a refreshing change - loved it."

"James packed his talk with amazing insights. I'm feeling excited about the year ahead for the first time in ages."

The latest goal-setting, success & well-being strategies

Traditionally goal-setting was associated with ‘striving until you arrive,’ but for me, true success comes from the savouring the process, not just the destination.

We all want is to feel happy and fulfilled in every aspect of our lives. ‘Goals’ are simply vehicles for aligning with emotional success, that is, feeling as good as we can, as frequently as we can. Each year I include a segment on self-care and well-being which attendees always find beneficial. I also share the latest insights and distinctions that have made a positive difference in my life. A particular theme of SOAR2020 will be managing imposter syndrome, that sense of not feeling good enough that we all experience.

More reasons to attend SOAR2020

In addition to the cutting-edge knowledge I’ll be sharing from the top of the room, and the opportunity you will have to hone your focus for the year ahead, as a result of attending this workshop you will –

  • Meet like-minded people in a relaxed and uplifting environment. (Frequently mentioned by attendees as a highlight of the night.)
  • You will be able to access online all the techniques, frameworks and quotes I share.
  • Have access to all my books and products which will be available on the night at special discounted rates, including the second edition of my coaching handbook ‘Soar – powerful questions that will transform your life.’
  • The chance to pick up an Angel card or two. (Something which has become a tradition during the interval. Sometimes the messages can be spookily accurate!)
  • And you’ll enjoy refreshments (tea, coffee, finger food and a glass of bubbly) in the beautiful surroundings of The Westbury Hotel.

Want to make 2020 your best year yet? SOAR2020 will ignite your inspiration and motivation and will help you to unlock your inner wisdom so you can continue your journey towards the fullest expression of yourself.