Soar powerful questions that will transform your life
SOAR – Powerful Questions that will transform your life
November 6, 2018
Mindful Christmas
A Mindful Christmas
November 29, 2018

What do I really do

James Sweetman, Meet James

Recently, a contact who receives my monthly ezine Next Steps, introduced himself to me at a conference where I’d been a keynote speaker. Despite this connection, he wasn’t aware I’d written any books and confessed to not really knowing what I did. I was a little taken aback. I’m not one for bombarding people with what I do, I let my work speak for itself, (here’s a selection of testimonials) but it got me thinking, maybe there are others who don’t really know what my work involves. So, I’ve put this article together to give an overview of how people engage my services.

There are 4 main areas to my work;

1-2-1 Coaching

My coaching work falls under three broad headings – Career Fulfillment, Interview Skills & Executive Coaching.

Career fulfilment coaching

Career fulfilment coaching is where my life coaching practice has to evolved to over the years. My clients either find themselves in career transition, or are seeking to make changes so they can feel more fulfilled. My work with clients in this area is really about facilitating people to move closer to the fullest expression of themselves.

How to excel at Interview

Interview Skills Coaching

Central to my work as an interview skills coach is liberating clients to be authentically themselves (sort of true for all forms of coaching really!) Getting into the right mind-set is critical when it comes to interviews. Many people carry limiting beliefs that result in excessive and unnecessary nervousness at a time when you really want to portray confidence and presence. Then of course there is the practical preparation, what I like to call putting the scaffolding of responses together for probable interview questions. As interviews today are competency-based, we also focus on shaping examples that illustrate your skills and judgement.
I love receiving those emails and calls letting me know the client has got their dream job (and I get quite a few of them – not bragging, just fact!)

Executive Coaching

Rather than attending a course or a workshop, working 1-2-1 we explore topics such as leadership, communication and influencing skills through the prism of specific challenges that the manager is facing. Executive Coaching is a tailored form of upskilling and like all coaching is confidential and non-judgemental.

Group Workshops

I love the synergy and interactions in workshops. Over the years, I’ve been trusted by companies such as Aer Lingus, Bord Bia, Kelloggs, Dairygold, DPD and Microsoft to work with their people.
I can tailor content for an hour or for several days depending on the attendees’ needs. My areas of expertise include Presentation Skills (a personal favourite as I love to see attendees blossom at the top of the room) ‘Away Day’ brainstorms and Team Cohesion, Leadership, Communication Skills & Time Management. Boosting feelings of confidence and motivation are always themes that run through my workshops. My focus in workshops is to create an environment where people can simply be themselves and where themes and topics can be explored in an empowering and practical way.

Conference Keynotes

All Ireland Business Summit 2017 Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Something I’ve put more focus on over the last 18 months is speaking at conferences (putting those presentation skills I teach to full use.) I have to say I love the buzz at these events. For me, a key ingredient with conference talks is the combination of insights and practical tips as well as entertainment value, I call it ‘enter-trainment!’

SOAR – My annual flagship workshop

There’s a special place in my heart for SOAR my annual flagship workshop. Next January (17th January 2019 to be exact) 150 of us will gather in The Westbury Hotel for a healthy dose of self-care, positivity and inspiration. I’ll share my latest insights and we will focus on starting the year as we mean to go on.

Media Production


Then there is the no small matter of having written 5 books (not counting a few free eBooks). Here’s a brief synopsis of each.


SOAR – Powerful Questions that will transform your life

Soar is my comprehensive personal coaching book. Now just re-issued as a second edition. It is a powerful yet practical handbook that will inspire and challenge you to realise your potential.  New answers and new solutions to old problems are only discovered by asking new questions. This book contains those questions.  People often say ‘just think positive,’ this book shows you how. I’ve been thrilled that many coaches also use this book as a source of questions to ask their own clients.

Finding Katherine

Finding Katherine

Finding Katherine is perhaps the piece of work I’m most proud of over my entire career (to date!) I’ve received some incredible feedback on it. Here’s what it says on the back of the book. “At the age of fifty-one Katherine Hunter has run away from home, leaving behind a troubled marriage and financial woes. Events conspire and Katherine finds herself at The Bliss Retreat on the island of Lanzarote. There she meets an array of colourful characters and a handsome artist who makes her question everything she holds dear. Check in to The Bliss Retreat and join Katherine on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to design the life of your dreams.

The Odyssey of Abraham Little

My first novel and my most spiritual book. The blurb of The Odyssey of Abraham Little reads – Abraham Little has all the trappings of success, but behind the mask of business executive is a man in pain. His work is unfulfilling and his marriage is on the rocks. A curious coincidence at an airport results in him meeting another man with the same name. As Abraham boards his plane, he receives a text message from his namesake. It reads ‘I’m the person you could have been.’

Graduate to Success

Graduate to Success was my first book, launched over 10 years ago. It was the book I always dreamed of writing. The one with the advice I wish I could send back to my twenty-year-old self. It is a guidebook for those who want to soar in their careers. It will inspire, support and challenge you to unlock the door to your potential. Read it to connect with your passions in life, to design a blueprint for your career success, to create your own personal brand and to discover strategies to sprint up the career ladder.

How to Excel at Interviews (eBook)

This eBook was published by the UK Publisher Bookboon back in 2013 and has been downloaded now over 200,000 times. It a resource I forward to my interview skills clients and a great resource to get into the interview mindset and to cover all the basics of interview preparation.

Other Media

Self Confidence Masterclass

In 2017 I partnered with the online educator and course provider Tilleo to produce a masterclass all about boosting self-confidence.


I’ve been writing a blog since 2005 and my monthly ezine Next Steps has been produced every month for nearly 13 years.

Newspapers & Magazines

I also write for several industry magazines and this profile means I’m often asked to provide a quote or two for newspaper articles.


I set up my own YouTube Channel back in 2015. It contains a range of short videos on personal development topics.

Social Media

I start the day with an uplifting quote on Twitter and Instagram and there are usually weekly posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.
If you are on those platforms and would like to connect with me, here are the links –

I’m blessed in that I love what I do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work on and in my business. And like any business it continues to evolve. Let me close with a massive thank you, because I couldn’t do what I do without the support and positive word of mouth of my readers and clients.