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May 28, 2020
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July 21, 2020

What I know at 50

What I know at 50

This June I celebrate a milestone birthday. Any birthday that ends with a zero prompts reflection. Whilst I contemplate the next chapter, I’m also looking back through a lens of gratitude to ponder what have I learned and what I know at 50.

I believe life is always teaching me, so here are 50 thoughtful gems of wisdom I’ve learned, many the hard way. Some are quotes that guide and inspire me, others are insights forged by life’s tests, some I’d even classify as ‘aha moments.’


What I know at 50


1. Ultimately, life is about the love I have the courage to give and the love I allow myself to receive. ✅

2. Family is everything to me. ✅

3. My health is my wealth. (Yes, it’s a cliché but after cancer gate-crashed my life twice, I know this to be true.) ✅

4. Vulnerability is the gateway to authenticity and true strength. ✅

5. No amount of worry can change the future. ✅

6. If I argue with reality I will suffer (Thank you Byron Katie for this one.) ✅

7. My fear is a key to a door I’ve been wanting to open. (Thank you Sarah Blondin) ✅

8. Life is not a popularity contest. ✅

9. Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me. ✅

10. What I judge in others is a reflection of an unowned aspect of my own personality. ✅

11. Fulfilment is not achieved through conformity, only authenticity. ✅

12. Self-actualisation is living independently of the good opinion of others (Maslow.) ✅

13. I’m worthy enough to know that I don’t always have to be productive. ✅

14. My value does not decrease based on someone else’s inability to see my worth. ✅

15. I cannot change other people, I can only change how I relate to them not changing. ✅

16. I teach people how to treat me. ✅

17. Everyone wants to be loved. Destructive behaviour is a cry for love. ✅

18. Never give up my desire to fly to soothe the fears of those on the ground. ✅

19. I’d rather be someone’s glass of champagne then everyone’s cup of tea. ✅

20. Avoid comparing what I see on someone else’s outside with what I’m feeling on the inside. The only comparison that is valid is between where I am now and my concept of my best self. ✅

21. Courage is the antidote to feeling stuck. Gratitude is the antidote to fear, anger and frustration. ✅

22. ‘If everyone swept their own doorstep the whole world would be clean.’ Thank you, Mother Teresa, for this gem of wisdom as I endeavour to keep my own doorstep clean. ✅

23. Don’t just be kind to others because they deserve it, be kind to others because I deserve it. ✅

24. When I get over trying to be perfect, I create the space for miraculous things to happen. ✅

25. If I’m feeling uncomfortable I’ve got an opportunity to grow. ✅

26. There’s a difference between the pain of growth and the pain of self-betrayal. ✅

27. Ignorance is not bliss. Pride in stupidity always leads to cruelty. ✅

28. It’s only when I reach rock bottom do I discover what or who truly supports me. ✅

29. When I reach a breaking point and my soul is weary, if I surrender to what is, that’s when the breakthrough occurs. ✅

30. I can choose peace over this (Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for this gem.) ✅

31. My work, (maybe everyone’s work) is an avenue for bringing more love into the world. ✅

32. When I work from the heart it touches other people’s hearts. ✅

33. Some work I do myself, some work is done through me. ✅

34. The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.” (Thank you Joy J Golliver for these sage words.) ✅

35. Without an appreciation for what is, nothing will appreciate. ✅

36. ‘Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been different.’ (Thank you Jerry Jampolosky.) ✅

37. ‘True success is living with a joyful heart, spending my sacred time doing what I love to elevate humanity.’ (Thank you Maya Angelou.) ✅

38. ‘The change I’m seeking is always a change within myself.’ (Thank you Marianne Williamson.) ✅

39. I am worthy to receive the best life can offer. ✅

40. To cease being so tough on myself and to lean into trust and away from control is my life’s work. ✅

41. No one is perfect, but I’m perfectly myself. ✅

42. How do I want to feel, is a more powerful question than what do I want to get done? ✅

43. I cannot have a truly fulfilled life without an evolving spiritual dimension and practice. ✅

44. ‘No one can make me feel bad without my permission.’ (Thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt, for this touchstone.) ✅

45. Not all wisdom is in one school. Stay curious, stay open. ✅

46. ‘Whatever I need to know is revealed to me and whatever I need comes to me in Divine right order.’ (Thank you, Louise Hay.) ✅

47. ‘Peace cannot come into the world until it comes into my heart.’ (Paul Ferrini) ✅

48. Life will test me, but it is up to me whether I let it grind me down or polish me. ✅

49. Progress is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than I used to be. ✅

50. Whilst it may not always feel like it in the short-term, untimely everything is always working out for me. ✅


I read recently that at age 40 you learn how to say no and at 50 you learn to enjoy saying no. Perhaps that will be in the next 50 life lessons.

I hope you enjoyed this post and with businesses starting to now open again as we live and work in a new norm you may like to read this post on re-booting business and life.

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